Simpex Logistics & Administration Department

SIMPEX GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Interspar based in Wiener Neudorf and is the international logistics platform for all companies in the Spar Austria Group.

Non-food II products are delivered from there to all outlets in Austria and ASPIAG countries.

SIMPEX GmbH coordinates Non-food II imports and volume consolidation items. 

Vienna Department

SIMPEX Import Export GmbH 
IZ NOE Sued, Straße 14, Objekt 24
A–2355 Wiener Neudorf

Gerhard Eisenberger
Supply Chain Management NF II
Stefan Schnaur
Coordination & Organisation

Warehouse / Goods Receipt

Zlatco Simonovici
Warehouse Manager
Rozalia Toro
Warehouse Manager Deputy
Alexandra Brandl
Goods Receipt
Tamara Brandl
Assistant Goods Receipt


Arrival & Suppliers Contact

Sybille Trausmuth
Team Leader Administration & Assistant of Site Managment
Mirela Alic
Planning of Arrivals
Thomas Josef Bachmann
Planning of Arrivals
Cornelia Glanner
Planning of Arrivals

Claim / Quality Control

Dominik Beer
Quality Control
Diana-Margareta Rad
Quality Control
Daniela Silberknoll
Quality Control

Claim & Customs Department

Andrea Dorninger
Claims LPF
Dajana Fejzic
Claims & Customer Duty
Michaela Fiala
Claims & Customer Duty

Invoicing / Controlling / Disposition

Clemens Knotzer
Reporting & Controlling
Manfred Fürlinger
Reporting & Controlling
Max-Rüdiger Csar