SIMPEX Purchasing Department Salzburg

The Non-Food II purchasing department is developing and purchasing not only own-brand but also seasonal and promotional articles to do with cooking & dining, household & household electrical incl. gardening, stationery, office supplies & writing materials, toys & sport, luggage, home textiles and underwear & hosiery for Austria, Northern Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. The department looks after a total of 18 Non-Food own-brand lines, amounting to about 3.400 active individual articles.


SIMPEX Import Export GmbH
Europastrasse 3, A – 5015 Salzburg 

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Architekturaufnahmen, SPAR-Zentrale, Salzburg, Europastrasse
Architekturaufnahmen, SPAR-Zentrale, Salzburg, Europastrasse

Purchasing Management Non-Food II

Mario Wiesinger
Mario Wiesinger
Mario Wiesinger
Head of Purchasing Department

Sourcing and Buying Non-Food II

Hardgoods and Textiles


Kitchen & table, gifts and souvenirs

Eva Hillerzeder
Buyer Hardgoods
Waltraud Schartner


Household, electrical household appliances, lighting, DIY, car, seasonal goods, stationery

Mag. Johannes Huber, MIM
Buyer Hardgoods
Mag. Inna Klein
Buyer for electrical household appliances
Esther Wagner, MA
Junior Buyer
Tamara Schwaighofer


Electrical Appliances, gardening, camping, party assortment, toys, sports

Mag. Christoph Hütter
Buyer Hardgoods


home textiles, underwear & socks, shoes, luggage

Martina Hohensinn, BSc
Buyer Textiles
Fabio Isser, MSc
Junior Buyer Luggage
Michaela Kasumovic

International acquisition

Non-Food II

Johannes Steinbacher
Head of international acquisition
Elisabeth Schachner
Assistant international acquisition
Sabine Stiegler
Assistant international acquisition
International supply management & SIMPEX coordination
Christina Gwechenberger
International supply management, Simpex Key User & Coordination

Quality Management

Non-Food II

Marion Strasser
Head of Quality Management
Susann Fernau, BSc
Teamleader Quality Management
Sandra Binder
Quality Manager
Stephanie Hill
Quality Manager
Maida Bisanovic
Administrator Textiles
Doris Teuschler