Our varieties own-brand labels:

Simpex Basic / Celebration / Professional / Color

TOP quality at TOP prices!

Simpex finally puts an end to the agony of choosing quality and price. Top products from the mixer to the pan must have a sensational low price and last a long time. That's this SIMPEX philosophy!

• Top quality and proven functionality

• Best price / performance ratio through international purchasing and sales

• 3 year warranty on all SIMPEX electrical appliances

The wide range of products for the household is convincing:

SIMPEX Basic: everyday products for a reasonable price

SIMPEX Professional: the upscale line with selected TOP products at an equally excellent price / performance ratio

SIMPEX Color: brings color into every household with great, colorful products

SIMPEX Basic Celebration: products for a festive mood 

Simpex Color

For the colorful side of life ...

Can it be a bit of color? SIMPEX Color is the colorful household line that brings even more momentum into your own four walls. Current trends find as much space in the design as new products. Colors and style are harmoniously coordinated. So the products are real eye-catchers in the kitchen and bathroom.

Spar Quality brand

The classic product range for the home

The SPAR Quality brand is one of the oldest of SPAR’s own brands. All products are subject to strict quality testing and regular quality control.

In Non-food II, the product range encompasses a wide selection of practical household items. For the Quality brand, SPAR takes advantage of all kinds of corporate synergies, so that we can pass the savings on to our customers.


The home textiles own-brand range that offers fantastic value for money

RUBIN includes stylish bathroom textiles and cosy bedclothes and creates a feel-good atmosphere in any home. The RUBIN collection offers an endless variety of bedclothes and towels in exciting designs.

RUBIN specialises in bedclothes and towels for discerning buyers who have a limited budget for household goods.

RUBIN bedclothes:

in the latest designs and skin-friendly materials, for you to sleep well and have wonderful dreams. In a wide range of colours, from sophisticated to cheerful and bright, RUBIN will create a whole new feel-good atmosphere in your bedroom.

RUBIN towels:

lovely fluffy towels, bathrobes and much more, in quality you’ll fall in love with. Made of the finest cotton fibres for luxurious top quality that you’ll feel at once.


Underwear and hosiery – good products at good prices

Pascarel makes your daily life feel better with a range of fashionable accessories and fine underwear. It fits well and comes in skin-friendly materials and fashionable colours – Pascarel offers maximum comfort for a low price.

Pascarel ladies’ and gents’ underwear:

slip it on and feel great! Well cut for a perfect fit. The skin-friendly materials are lovely to wear. Modern designs make your everyday life more sensuous.

Pascarel hosiery:

the ultimate in comfort. Super-soft socks, light and comfy with firmly ribbed tops in modern designs. Skin-friendly hosiery that is guaranteed comfortable and makes your legs look great as well.

S - Budget

High quality at unbeatable prices

SPAR’s own-brand S-Budget range combines the high quality that customers expect from SPAR products with exceptionally low prices. Since it was first launched in 2008, S-BUDGET has become a big hit on supermarket shelves, with the brand attaining cult status. The product range extends from everyday items to fine hosiery, men’s and women’s socks and low-cost S-BUDGET MOBILE telephone top-up cards.

S-BUDGET: S for super

  • Everyday consumer goods, non-food articles, textiles and mobile phone top-up cards, all at best-ever prices
  • Articles are carefully selected and quality-controlled to meet high standards
  • All products carry the SPAR quality guarantee

Spar Office / Spar Office Nature

Office and school supplies that are excellent value for money

Everything you need for school & office

Spar office is the popular low-cost range for home and school, university or the office.

All the stationery and office and school supplies are of top quality and proven functionality and they come in a stylish design – and all this at amazingly low prices.

The spar office range includes all kinds of writing materials, paper and practical office items. Clever ideas, from roller ball pens to mechanical pencils, from sticky notes to printer cartridges, from folders to note boxes, from adhesive tapes to scissors, and from college notepads to multipurpose paper.

Spar office nature:

Spar office nature is the eco-friendly range from Spar office that offers outstanding value for money: the paper is 100% recycled, made from sustainable raw materials and CO2-neutral.

Spar Creative

The creative own-brand range for kids

SPAR CREATIVE – a range of stationery and writing materials specially designed for children and young people. Bright ideas: SPAR CREATIVE has everything you need for drawing and painting, from wax crayons to sketchpads, from sets of brushes to paint-boxes. Enough for any young artist to get excited about!    


The own-brand range of household goods

Splendid offers innovative high-quality products for the home at sensational prices! Splendid ensures that your tableware gleams, your laundry is spotless and your whole house is sparkling clean. Thanks to Splendid cleaning aids like mops and dusting tools, getting your floors clean and your shelves dust-free is no longer a mystery. With Splendid, housework was never so easy!

Splendid nature

With cleaning materials from Splendid nature, you can protect the environment as you make your home sparkling clean. All the products are biodegradable, made in Europe and designed to give your home a shiny new look. Splendid nature cleaning materials use only certified FSC wood.


Our own-brand range of car accessories

We look after your car, too, with Megaspeed offering budget-friendly top-quality products for all-round driving comfort and safety.


Our own-brand range for barbecuing and cooking outdoors


This brand will get any barbecue king fired up!

Everything you need for barbecuing and cooking outdoors: the SPAR Barbecue range has grills and accessories to suit any barbecue pro. Grilling trays, barbecue tools and charcoal – SPAR Barbecue has everything you need for the perfect barbecue.


Our own-brand range of textiles for leisure activities

Top quality at a sporting price.

Do you and your family enjoy being outdoors and exercising? In the Everton range, you’ll find comfortable, functional clothing and shoes at budget prices. You’ll love the variety, the high quality and the low prices!


Our own-brand range of bike accessories


Drive has the right kit for all bicycles, in outstanding quality at fair prices. Drive helps you get your old bike into top shape – with a wide range of basic accessories for easy modifications, upgrades and retrofitting, plus a good choice of bike helmets.    

New York

Up-to-date suitcases, bags etc. at fair prices

Equally useful in everyday life or when travelling, the New York range specialises in “portable companions” for all occasions. Stylish bags and cool cases, all perfectly organised, attractive and amazing value for money.

New York rucksacks & sports bags:

Casual favourites that move with the times and experiment with new trends, but never stop being practical.

New York luggage:

Your perfect partner, wherever you’re going. An unmistakeable look, carefully designed interiors, robust and long-lasting, made of low-maintenance materials. This luggage even makes packing fun!

New York accessories:

Useful and practical aids and travel accessories for when you’re on the move.

Pretty Baby

Tender baby skin has high demands on care, ingredients and thus on all products that come close. This is exactly why the baby care line Pretty Baby by SPAR was launched. All infantile textiles from Private Label Pretty Baby are made from organic cotton. The GOTS seal guarantees the use of natural fibers from organic farming.